About Us



Cloma, founded by Claire in Toronto, Canada. The name Cloma comes from the names of the founder, Claire, and her two daughters, Joanna and Mia.

Claire was born into a jewelry family, her father was in the fine jewelry business. She was attracted by the brilliance and mystery of jewelry since she was a child. When Claire was 16 years, her father presented her with a precious South Sea pearls necklace. Since then, she has been attracted by the charm of natural pearls.

Although she has never received professional design training, she has become a jewelry designer step by step with her love and passion, and has created a fashion, exquisite, high-quality handmade jewelry brand.

Every piece of Cloma is handmade with love, and she hoped that every woman can have one classic jewelry that is affordable, and timeless. Whether it is worn alone or stacked, it can convey self-taste and personality.